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Strolling along the streets 2
Paige - Strolling along the streets 2

Paige took up the role of "Sexy school-girl" with gusto and I thought that she looked fucking sexy walking around in her heels and stockings. It's amazing that a girl could transform from a normal woman going shopping, to a sex crazed anal slut in the space of 30 minutes from meeting her. It makes you wonder how many supposedly innocent, "Normal" females pass you every day, whether it be on the road or in a shop, that in the correct circumstances could also turn into sex-mad slutesses!
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Strolling along the streets
Paige - Strolling along the streets

Well we're back in the UK this week and up to my "Secret Camcorder Capers".In this exciting episode I way lay the lovely MILF, Paige, innocently strolling along the street, not realising she is about to be pounced upon by the "Caped Crusader of Porn". Well, I'm not actually caped, since all the tasty birds would probably run away if I was, but I like the title. Anyway, Paige was well up for earning a little extra cash in return for some amateur modelling. I did the old, "My model hasn't shown up, can you fill her place" and it worked a treat. I bunged her in the old school uniform and she immediately turned into a wanton slut, as usual!
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Young camcorder victim
Aliz - Young camcorder victim

I've had loads of emails regarding my new secret camcorder capers eg, "Dear Jimbo, I just love your secret camcorder stuff it's so fucking sleazy watching you pickup tasty teens, you must easily be the sleazeast and sneakiest man in porn, congratulations! JB Toxteth. Well, thanks for that, "Accolade", it makes me really proud! This weeks camcorder victim is the gorgeous, teen, Aliz. God is she hot, plucked from having a coffee in a cafe and turned into a COMPLETE RAMPANT SLUT.
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Walking the streets for pussy 2
Lea - Walking the streets for pussy 2

Well as you can see Lea was gagging for fun.It always amazes me how these girls just love hot, hard sex. Yes, I know they like crisp cash, but that's just the icing on the cake. What they like above all is CASH + COCK the perfect combination.In this weeks exciting episode Lea decides that normal sex just isn't enough and insists on some HOT ANAL ACTION and you can see as she takes it with gusto whilst flirting with the camera.
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Walking the streets for pussy
Lea - Walking the streets for pussy

Well, we are still sticking to the school uniform theme this week but more in the American style. The gorgeous Lea is this weeks, "Catch of the Day" and was trawled off the streets of Budapest whilst gazing at a parking ticket. Yes, even here those bastards make everyones lives a misery! Yet again my concealed HD camera came up trumps, filming this lovely babe offering to show me the sights (Of Budapest) at first and then finally agreeing to dress up in some KINKY CLOBBER for some fun, in return for 500 CRISP NOTES OF CASH, so she could buy, "another pair of shoes." In my day 500 EUROS (Not that this EURO nonsense had been invented then, since everyone was far too busy shooting each other!) would have bought you about 100 pairs of perfectly serviceable walking boots! However, that's girls for you, they're the same the world over!
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An innocent exterior 2
Alexa - An innocent exterior 2

Well as you have seen so far, Alexa was up for anything and everything. I brought up the subject of HOT BUM-FUN ACTION and she jumped at the chance. Again, I was shocked to my very core by her blatantly sluttish behaviour and turned to her and sternly reproached her, "Alexa, I am shocked to my core at your sluttish behaviour and the fact that you are demanding HOT ANAL SCHOOL UNIFORM ACTION here and now. All I can say is that I will fullfil your wish now, but don't let me hear you bring up such a disgusting subject again!"
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